Enhancing Communications and Security: Major U.S. airports manage the safety and security of millions of passengers, hundreds of thousands of employees every year and numerous take-offs and landings. Apex Engineered Solutions works with airports to design security and information systems that keep the flow of people and airplanes running effectively and efficiently.
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport – We teamed up with a local engineering firm to design security and information services including automated access control, closed circuit TV and dynamic message displays which allowed the airport board to respond to operational demands.

Providing Roadway Solutions: Americans depend on our more than 45,000 miles of interstate highways and countless local roadways for work and pleasure. Apex Engineered Solutions’ engineers and designers provide the needed design support for short and long-term roadway projects to make traffic flow better and keep accidents to a minimum. We support design requirements for Traffic Engineering, Illumination, Intelligent Traffic Systems and Signalization, as well as Project Management support.

  • City of Carrollton, TX – We provided signalized intersection justification.
  • City of Houston, TX – Our engineers provided high-mast, safety, and underpass lighting.
  • City of Dallas, TX – Apex designed the placement of closed circuit TV cameras, DMSs, MVDs, and communication hubs.

Keeping Universities Connected: Wireless networks are pivotal to the success of today’s college campus. Students and faculty must have reliable networks for access to curriculum and other services. Apex Engineered Solutions helps keep LAN/WAN services up and running and provides key design elements to make the system run efficiently and effectively.

  • Texas A&M-Kingsville – Our engineers and designers expanded the university’s regional service as the key program/project manager managing the integration of 19 antenna towers into the campus WAN.
  • US Air National Guard: AR – Apex Engineered Solutions managed the deployment and installation of new conventional self-supporting antenna tower (with Platform) and related communication equipment. Project effort included relocation of specific cabling and communication devices from existing tower.

Ensuring Financial Software Success: As our economy struggles to rebound, financial firms are inundated with regulatory changes, new lending and credit guidelines, and a revamping of the mortgage industry. Financial institutions must rely on their computer systems to track customer data, industry changes and company mergers, if they expect to survive the current climate.

  • Capital One Auto Finance – Apex Engineered Solutions integrated this auto loan leader’s third-party software application into its enterprise network environment. We provided technical consulting on the project to ensure a smooth transition, developing the selection, test and validation process for the new software. The project came in ahead of schedule, allowing Capital One Auto Finance to roll out its business-improving application with seamless success.


Providing Technical Systems Support for the Warfighter: Apex Engineered Solutions supports the mission of our nation’s military by keeping mission-critical systems up and running. From system design to technical support, our staff is equipped 24-hours a day to handle the most pressing technology issues facing the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA): OK – We play a critical role within the DoD providing on-site customer service, system administration, application support, and server management at DISA’s premier data center (DECC-OKC), working to avoid costly downtime.

Providing Back Office Services to the U.S. Government: Apex Engineered Solutions steps in when government agencies need back-office support so that they can focus on their primary missions.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA): TX, CA, AR -The SBA contracted with Apex Engineered Solutions for administrative support to execute a backlog of financial transactions. We conducted rapid screenings and ramp-up of qualified candidates to assist its Office of Financial Program Operations with consolidation and disposition of at-risk and failed loan portfolios.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): TX – Apex Engineered Solutions streamlined the EPA’s data management processes, working alongside EPA staff as a sub-consultant for various administrative functions. Our staff helped to maximize productivity with document imaging, data entry and systematic recording of packages into the agency’s document management system.

Improving Government Facilities: Apex Engineered Solutions provides engineering solutions to upgrade and renovate government facilities. Various agencies contract our services both as the primary contractor and as a sub-contractor for a wide variety of projects across the country.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): TX– Apex Engineered Solutions executed a series of facility and operational upgrades, improvements and renovations to better position FEMA to respond to emergencies. Our projects included technology deployment and integration of an audio-visual infrastructure, providing visibility of real-time operational data.
  • U.S. Air Force Reserve-Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base: TX – Apex Engineered Solutions converted a medical storage warehouse to a multi-use facility for the base honor guard. We oversaw the design and construction phases, facilitating all jobsite efforts, contractor meetings, and customer reviews.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
CompTIA A+ (computer support technician)
Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)


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