Apex Engineered Solutions’ work can be seen in the positive experiences and business results it makes possible. Roadways have less traffic congestion. Buildings and airports are more secure. Communications systems are more reliable. Hotels are more comfortable. Data is more organized. Employees are more productive.

Since 2001, we have grown to deliver a wide range of engineering, technology, and operations support services that repeatedly exceed our clients’ expectations. Based in Dallas, Texas, we maintain a nationwide reach, having completed projects from Oregon to Oklahoma.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government agencies, leading medical facilities and top educational institutions. We treat all of our projects – from our smallest, most tightly focused project to our largest, sprawling endeavors – with the same attention to detail, personal accountability and efficient execution.

Federal and State Government:
Apex Engineered Solutions works with a wide range of federal and state agencies including the U.S. Department of Defense, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency. We played a key role in broad-scope projects, such as renovations and upgrades to Federal Emergency Management Agency buildings; and added significant value to smaller endeavors, such as data capture support for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our team supports hardware and software installations, upgrades and project management from one-time network deployments to on-going server administration. We support projects such as desktop computer and server administration, and operations support for the Defense Information Systems Agency. We also designed systems such as the OSP communications requirements at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

On the road, on rails or in the air, Apex Engineered Solutions keeps traffic moving with infrastructure and construction projects that include lighting and signaling systems. Our extensive work with the Texas Department of Transportation, for example, led to greater safety and lower congestion on Texas roadways.

 Higher Education:
Using well-designed systems and facilities by Apex Engineered Solutions, colleges and universities can focus on teaching. Our project leadership, for example, has brought greater connectivity to Texas A&M (Kingsville) University’s learning community.

Health Care:
Hospitals, insurers and doctor’s offices can improve their quality of care and customer service with upgraded facilities and technical enhancements from Apex Engineered Solutions. Whether designing the interior systems of a new facility, or streamlining the flow of patient data, our solutions impact your bottom line.

 Hotels / Hospitality:
Apex Engineered Solutions delivers engineering and technical solutions that lead to satisfied guests and improved financial performance. We support building design packages with HVAC, electrical and plumbing designs, and create needed networking and communications infrastructure that can be integrated seamlessly and economically.

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